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Basalioma is a locally infiltrating (germinating) formation that is formed from epidermal cells or hair follicles and is characterized by slow growth, very rare metastasis and non-aggressive properties. It is also characterized by frequent recurrence after removal. Its peripheral cells histologically resemble those of nortriptyline 25mg layer of the epidermis, which is how it got its name. This skin disease occurs mainly in open areas of the skin, most exposed to sunlight.

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These are, first of all, the skin on the head, mainly in the frontal-temporal zone, and the neck. Basalioma of the skin of the face is especially often localized on the nose, in the area of ​​the nasolabial folds and on the eyelids. On average, in 96% of patients it is single, in 2.6% it is multiple (2-7 or more foci).

Basalioma, basal cell carcinoma, is a malignant tumor of the skin that develops from the basal layer of the epidermis, is characterized by slow growth and the absence of metastases. The causes of the development of basalioma, like other tumors, are not yet precisely established. However, the so-called predisposing factors have been identified, the presence of which in a person increases the risk of developing basalioma.

In addition to predisposing factors, basaliomas have precancerous diseases, the presence of which significantly increases the risk of developing a tumor, since they can degenerate into rak. Precancerous diseases of pamelor pills include the following.



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When the above precancerous skin diseases appear, they should be treated in a timely manner, because if these conditions are left unattended, they can degenerate into a malignant tumor, not only into basalioma, but also into melanoma or squamous cell skin cancer.

In 90% of cases, basalioma is localized in the indicated areas of the skin of the face. In the remaining 10% of cases, the tumor may form on the skin of the trunk, arms or legs.

The manifestations of basalioma in the formed neoplasm are quite typical, which makes it possible to make a fairly accurate diagnosis already when examining the patient. External signs are determined by the type of tumor.

The most common type of basalioma is the nodular variant, which is manifested by the appearance of a small painless pinkish nodule on the surface of the skin. As the nodule grows, it tends to ulcerate, so a depression appears on the surface, covered with a crust.

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The neoplasm slowly increases in size, the appearance of new similar structures is also possible, which reflects the multicentric superficial type of tumor growth. Over time, the nodules merge with each other, forming a dense infiltrate that penetrates deeper and deeper into the underlying tissue, involving not only the subcutaneous layer, but also cartilage, ligaments, and bones. The nodular form most often develops on the skin of the face, eyelid, in the region of the nasolabial triangle.

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The nodular form is also manifested by the growth of neoplasia in the form of a single node, but, unlike the previous version, the tumor does not tend to grow into the underlying tissues, and the node is oriented outward. Surface form - looks like a rounded red-brown plaque, more than one centimeter in diameter. The surface of the tumor is covered with crusts in places, mosaically atrophied, and may have areas of Nortriptyline pigmentation. Periods of atrophy, desquamation and active growth alternate in waves in different parts of the tumor, so its surface is heterogeneous. There is also a characteristic pearl border raised above the skin surface along the edge.

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This form has the most benign course among all basaliomas, skin infiltration is practically absent. Warty (papillary) basalioma is characterized by superficial growth, does not cause destruction of the underlying tissues and looks like a cauliflower. The pigmented version of the basalioma contains melanin, which gives it a dark color and resemblance to another very malignant tumor - melanoma.


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Cicatricial form - outwardly looks like a hard flat waxy plaque of a gray-pink hue, which does not protrude above the surface of the skin, and eventually becomes even pressed inward. The edges of the tumor are clear with a pearly tint, raised above the surface of the skin.

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Erosions periodically appear along the edge of the tumor, which subsequently scar. The infiltration of the surrounding tissues is much more pronounced than the visible growth of the tumor, which often leads to late patient seeking qualified help. Localization of cicatricial basalioma on the head, on the nose is considered unfavorable, since bone and cartilage tissue is destroyed early. The ulcerative form of basalioma is quite dangerous, because it tends to quickly destroy the underlying and surrounding tissues of the tumor.

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The main signs of basalioma are reduced to the presence of the structures described above on the skin, which do not bother for a long time, but still an increase in their size, even for several years, involvement in the pathological process of the surrounding soft tissues, blood vessels, nerves, bones and cartilage is very dangerous.

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The center of the ulcer sinks, covered with a gray-black crust, the edges are raised, pinkish-pearl, with an abundance of dilated vessels.

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In the late stage of the tumor, patients experience pain, impaired function of the affected part of the body, bleeding, suppuration at the site of growth of the neoplasm, the formation of fistulas in neighboring organs. A great danger is represented by tumors that destroy the tissues of the eye, ear, penetrating into the cranial cavity and germinating the membranes of the brain. The prognosis in these cases is unfavorable.

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What does basalioma look like: photo. The photo below shows how the disease manifests itself in the initial, as well as other stages in different parts of the human body. Basalioma - skin photo, initial stage, dangerous signs, treatment and removal. Quick navigation through the page.

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To date, it has not been clarified exactly from which cells the tumor originates. Cytological examination of basalioma reveals structural units that are very similar to the cells of the basal layer of the skin, which lies on the border of nortriptyline and epidermis. However, most doctors tend to argue that epidermal cells can also give rise to such a tumor. Basalioma is evilhigh-quality neoplasm on the skin, which has an epidermal origin. Such a tumor is characterized by slow growth and a low tendency to metastasize: in the entire history of the study, about 100 cases of detection of daughter neoplasms have been described.

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Basically, basalioma affects people whose age exceeds 50 years. Light-skinned men and women are at risk. It has also been established that basal cell carcinoma can be inherited. However, the main reason for its development is the systematic aggressive effect of pamelor on the skin. In this regard, the risk of getting sick with basalioma increases in people who work in the open air and those who like to visit a solarium. Excessive insolation causes mutations in skin cells, leading over time to their malignancy.

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In addition to UV irradiation, ionizing radiation, regular traumatization of moles, the effect of carcinogens (tar, soot, arsenic, tar, hydrocarbon combustion products, etc.) on the body and past viral infections, especially herpes, can provoke a basalioma.

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Basal cell carcinoma, like many other skin cancers, is characterized by multiple manifestations. There are such forms of the disease: One of the most dangerous is cicatricial-atrophic. Its inner part is as pressed into the skin and resembles a scar, and ulceration is noted along the periphery. Such a basalioma actively spreads through the skin, grows, and over time, its inner part becomes necrotic.

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Pigmentary basalioma can be confused with melanoma, but it differs from the latter in a darker color and the presence of a characteristic roller along the periphery. And the surface form at the beginning of the process is mistaken for a psoriatic plaque due to the scaly, scaly surface. In contrast to these species, the turban basalioma, localized on the head, has a characteristic morphology of a dense formation of burgundy-red color on a thick, wide stalk. Often these tumors are multiple.

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